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Patient comments:

"This Panchakarma retreat was truly a renewal of the body, mind, and spirit. Its now weeks later and I'm still feeling energized and living a more balanced life" -Linda Hoerner, Chicago

"For me, Dr. Gerson's knowledge, his attention to detail, and the precision of the Panchakarma treatments and diet made the experience authentic and transformative. Thanks from the bottom of my heart." -Rebecca Livingston, Houston

"A truly rejuvenating and healing journey. I feel re-connected and back on track." -Jonathan Weiss, Boston

Panchakarma in West Palm Beach Photos and Description

So What Is Panchakarma?


Panchakarma is the ancient system of Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation therapies designed to facilitate the removal of deep-rooted stresses and toxins in the physiology. Ayurveda recommends these cleansing therapies up to three times a year--at the change of seasons--in order to maintain well-being in healthy individuals or to restore balance in those experiencing illness. The purpose of panchakarma is to extend the lifespan. By undergoing panchakarma on a regular basis muscle tissue, bone, immune function, digestive function, nervous tissue as well as teeth and hair (upadhatus or "secondary tissues") can be maintained, essentially adding years to ones life. Today, even modern science estimates that longevity is determined 30% by one's genetics and 70% by lifestyle choices.

Many diseases of modern times are caused by these deep-seated toxins which lead to improper digestion, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, loss of concentration, premature aging, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis, sexual disorders, allergies, and unhappiness. Panchakarma utilizes a set of therapeutic procedures which are given in a specific order to promote the elimination of toxic substances out of the body via the nearest possible route of elimination. The resulting purification results in the intrinsic up-regulation of the body’s capacity to cure itself from many conditions and diseases. But Panchakarma has value not only as a detoxification procedure (shodhana) in the treatment of disease, it is also effective as a preparatory measure to strengthen a patient (brihmana) prior to surgery, as a means to promote weight loss (langhana), to increase the effect of rejuvenatory medicines (rasayana), prior to libido-improving procedures (vajikarana), and before the administration of certain special medicines (kshetrikarana). In all of these uses, panchakarma accomplishes the removal of toxic accumulations and the return of the doshas (psychosomatic energies) to normalcy and balance.

Panchakarma is comprised of five (“panch”) actions (“karma”) or, less literally, five therapies. Panchakarma is a medical treatment which when properly administered has profound effects on the detoxification mechanisms and metabolism of the human physiology. Dr. Gerson’s Ph.D. research thesis and his ongoing work in Panchakarma have demonstrated many of these effects. There are many useful auxiliary procedures (i.e. herbalized oil treatment, herbalized steam therapy, shirodhara, etc.) which are also misspoken of as “panchakarma", but strictly speaking, the following are the five classical karmas:

  • Vamana – the use of emetics to produce therapeutic vomiting
  • Virechana – purgative therapy
  • Basti – Herbalized enemata Click here for Descriptions of PK Therapies
  • Nasya – Nasal administration of herbal preparations
  • Rakta Mokshana – Removal of toxins from the blood through bloodletting

Not every patient will require all therapies at any given time. Which of the many auxiliary procedures a patient is to receive is decided according to the season, climate, diet, emotional state of the patient, the knowledge and understanding of the physician, the length of treatment, in addition to the prakriti (constitution) of the patient. Also, every treatment is individualized to meet the needs of each individual, including herbalized oil selection, pressure, pace, marma points used and intention. All therapists at Ayurveda.MD undergo extensive training with Dr. Gerson and his senior panchakarma therapists and most have been performing these therapies under his guidance for more than 10 years.

One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to have Panchakarma is in a natural setting surrounded by trees, gardens, and sunlight. Our Panchakarma Retreat Center in Rye, New York at the Wainwright House and at several other fabulous New York locations offers sublime four- and seven-day authentic retreats for detoxification and rejuvenation.

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Program Description

For four days and three nights, or seven days and six nights, you will be in an Ayurvedically balanced environment, away from your busy life with its patterns, stresses, and responsibilities.

You will begin each morning with a leisurely period of yoga and meditation; individual instruction will be provided as needed.

You will be nutured every day with Panchakarma treatments tailored to your particular needs as determined by Dr. Gerson. These will include hot herbalized oil treatments, steam treatments, herbalized baths, shirodhara. Additional treatments such as anuvasana and niruha bastis (enemas), vamana (theraputic vomiting), netrabasti (unctuous eye bath treatments), and a variety of other procedures and medicines may be administered as appropriate for your specific health status and constitution. Dr. Gerson is a Ph.D. Scholar in Panchakarma from the University of Pune and is considered one of the world's experts in the clinical administration of these treatments.

Simple and nutritious vegetarian meals will be prepared as is indicated for Panchakarma detoxification; you will be surprised at how delicious healthy food can taste. There will be opportunities to learn to prepare these recipes as well.

Daily Schedule

The schedule is purposely designed to give everyone an abundance of free time for reflection, journaling, or just enjoying the outdoors. A variety of exercise activities will be available and encouraged. A rough idea (subject to minor changes) of a typical day is as follows:

6:30 am Wake Up
7:00-7:30 Light Breakfast/Morning Tea
8:00-12:30 PK Treatments (and free time when not in Treatments)
12:30-2:00 pm Lunch
3:00-5:00 PK Treatments (and free time when not in Treatments)
5:00-6:00 Yoga Practice
6:00-6:30 Group Evening Meditation
6:45-7:30 Dinner
7:30-8:30 Evening Program
8:30-10:00 Free Time
10:00 pm Bedtime
Evening Program

Each evening following dinner there will be an informal discussion with Dr. Gerson or a guest speaker on some health-related topic. In ancient times these talks were known as satsang, which means "a meeting of truth". It is a time for receiving knowledge and asking questions, a time to share understanding. Topics may include: Ayurvedic and other medicinal herbs, meditation, Patanjali's yogic sutras, marma point therapy, the principles of panchakarma including a review of current research, and other topics which are of interest to the group.

What to Expect

During the period of Panchakarma treatments you can expect to feel relaxed and will be invited to rest alot as inner channels ("srotas") open to create feelings of freshness and renewal. Physical and emotional toxins lodged deep within the tissues, often for many years, are released along with their associated bodily symptoms. Time in this environment is powerful. It is often sufficient time to establish new patterns of eating, sleeping, thinking, and living which can continue long after the retreat ends.


The cost of the retreats including all the treatments, meals, accommodations, lectures, yoga, and Ayurvedic medicines dispensed during the week is as follows: 

Six-day Retreats--------------$5750 (6 treatment days)

To reserve a space a non-refundable deposit of $500 must be received three weeks prior to the Retreat you are attending. The balance must be received by ten days prior to the Retreat. We have many interested individuals but are limiting all retreats to 12 people only in order to maintain intimacy and harmony. Please contact us as far in advance as possible. Rooms are semi-private (you share a room with one roommate). A limited number of private bedrooms are available (not private bathrooms) for a small surcharge ($300 for the 4-day retreats;$450 for the 7-day retreats).

  • Up to 1 month prior to event : 100%
  • Up to 3 weeks prior to event : 50%
  • No refunds within 3 weeks of event
Due to the nature of Panchakarma retreat preparations, scheduling, supplies, and personnel salary commitments there are unfortunately NO exceptions to our refund policy within 3 weeks of the event. This includes illness, emergencies, or other "acts of God." In the event that you cancel and we are able to fill your spot, we will gladly issue a full refund. Reservations cannot be transferred to a future retreat.


Directions and Transportation

Please call for car or train travel information at 1-561-510-3833

Upcoming Panchakarma Retreat Schedule

Quote from Dr. Kulkarni

"A Panchakarma retreat with appropriate diet and exercise will result in a dramatic reduction in stress and increase in energy, as well as a 5-7 pound weight loss, improved flexibility, reduction in aches and pains, and a noticeable increase in mental clarity and enthusiasm for life." - Dr. P.H. Kulkarni Comments at the 2nd International Conference on Ayurveda Puné, 1991


Cautionary Note on Lack of Credentials to administer Panchakarma Treatments